Llanakila { Fort Worth Texas } The Artist

I met Victoria in 2013. Little did I know at that time that her and I were vibin' on the same zodiac wave. Her art is HELLA inspiring and she has made me appreciate art even  more. The boldness in her colors is what initially drew me in. Her idolization of the female body makes you appreciate your fellow woman and yourself. 


She's been featured in The Fader - Vibe Magazine - AfroPunk - Real Brown Girls and many more!





Victoria Brown, known by the alias Llanakila (La-Na-Key-Luh), is a Jamaican-American artist, painter, digital illustrator, and digital artist. Her work focuses on empowering Black women, often using bright, colorful lines to symbolize energy and magic. She describes exploring the "infinite possibilities of outer space," and creates work that would not be seen in people's lived, daily realities.