Easter Portraits at Trinity Park

Mini Easter Portrait Session


Thanks to the current TEXAS weather it was a tad chilly this morning but we still PERSISTED! 

The park was great since not a lot of people were out and about. The ducks were lively and waiting for the daily feeds of bread.  

Fun fact about children is that they give you (me) a small window to work with and on this day that was about 40 minutes. 

This time we added some BUBBLES and next time we surely need more BUBBLE blowers. 

Mini Easter Portrait Bookings:  http://www.thefortworthphotographer.com/contact/



More EASTER portrait goodness with this CUTIE pie

In several weeks EASTER will be fast approaching! 

Trinity Park Fort Worth Texas

Mini Easter Portrait Sessions

One 8X10 Two 5X7

Six Digital Files

30 Minutes