Naughty and Nice ~ Boudoir Holiday Special

Give the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.


Ladiessssssss......Show him a little bit of both your Naughty and Nice side with this Boudoir Holiday special! 


Gentlemannnnn........Looking for a gift for HER? Customized GIFT BASKET with...

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Newborn Photography in Fort Worth Texas

They say that a baby is born every 8 seconds. How crazy is that to even comprehend?! That's like a bajillion babies a day or something. 

I've been lucky enough to document couples getting married and then them building families. It's truly a awesome thing...

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Film Shots in Fort Worth Texas ~ Minolta Style

For a while they were saying that film died when digital showed it's face. They were wrong you guys. Film just took a little nap for a bit. It snuck underground to rest because legends really never die.

Much respect to my fellow film shooters...

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Breakfast Sushi. OMG.

It's always good to have change and to venture into uncharted territory. My friend Corrine and I have started cooking on Sundays just because. It's pretty simple because we cook whatever the hell we want. So for the first cook sesh we decided to put some...

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Maternity Session in Fort Worth Texas

I think one of my favorite things is when my brides and grooms come to me for Maternity and Newborn photos. Photographing love between two people is something special to e able to witness. I photographed these two a few years back in 2013 and now they have...
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